Saturday, July 20, 2013

Kitten Adoption Day!

Saturday, March 23rd. A beautiful day to adopt kittens.

We were on our way to the local pet shop. I called ahead, and found out that 12 week old kittens would be available for adoption today. We entered the parking lot just after the shop opened, and raced into the shop almost before the car stopped.

The kittens were displayed center-stage. A few buyers were already sticking their fingers in the cage and cooing at the kittens. I beelined it straight for the kitten cage.

There were three of them: two tabby females (who had just been fixed and had shaved tummies) and one black male. One of the tabbies was batting at everyone's fingers, seemingly friendly and outgoing. The other tabby was snuggled into the clean litter box with the black male at the back of the cage.

I listened to the adoption guy explain that the tabbies were litter mates and he'd prefer to keep them together, but the buyers were reluctant to buy two kittens. They started to discuss the black kitten instead. That was my chance to step up.

"I'll like to adopt both tabby kittens, please." The adoption guy looked me over and asked me a bunch of questions to make sure I'd be a good owner. I guess he was happy with my answers, because an hour later (and $300 poorer), I left the store with two adorable tabby kittens, cat carrier, bedding, food stuff, litter stuff, and assorted cat toys.

We took the kittens straight home and set them up in our master suite bathroom for their first day. We named them: Rose (brown nose with a black M on her forehead) and Pearl (white nose with a white M on her forehead.) Rose had a sweet, shy, cuddly personality. Pearl was the outgoing one, the first to explore and get into trouble.

Rose and Pearl were inseparable those first days, sleeping together, eating together, and following each other around. In fact, if one was separated from the other, they would meow until they found each other again.

This was just the beginning of Rose and Pearl's feline adventures together...

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