Sunday, July 21, 2013

Setting up the Cat Room

After the first day of keeping our newly-adopted kittens in our master bathroom, I realized they needed a larger place to play and sleep. (Also, I wasn't too crazy about keeping their food and litter box in our bathroom.)

I wasn't ready to let them out into the house yet: the kids were still nervous around our new kittens, and our kittens needed a place to feel safe and settle in.

Luckily, we had a sitting room with our master bedroom. The sitting room was a fair-sized room with glass doors, big bright windows, and french doors out to a balcony (which we never use, but it offers a beautiful view of the sunrise over the mountains.)

So I bought some kitten supplies to set up our new "cat room." Here's what I bought:

- Cat tree with scratching post and feather toy (they slept here together every night)

- Food bowls and place mat (I added another food dish later, but they still preferred to eat from the same bowl)

- Covered litter box and mat (that's Rose in there--hi Rose!)

- Cat carrier and baby blanket (they shared this one when they were little kittens)

- Cat bed (they never actually slept here, but they liked to jump on it and drag it around)

- Dry cat food (I tried Blue Buffalo, Wellness, and Science Diet, but our picky kittens preferred the Royal Canin Kitten 36 Formula)

- Canned cat food (the kittens loved the Blue Buffalo and Wellness kitten dinners, but Rose threw up when I tried Natural Choice--yuck, so I went back to their favorites)

- Kitty litter (I started with Fresh Step, but soon found out I was really allergic to it--ugh, so I tried a variety of litters before switching to World's Best Cat Litter, which is awesome--no dust, no smell, and easy to clean up)

- Litter Genie (cat litter disposal system, which works like a diaper genie to store "used" litter until garbage day)

- Cat cleaning products (already had Kids N Pets, but didn't work well for cat vomit, then tried Nature's Miracle, which worked much better!)

I also bought a variety of cat toys, which I will review in my next post.

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